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Which woman does not know this, one is on the evening alone, no one else on the street and maybe it is even dark or foggy or both. Almost everyone feels uncomfortable and worried. Alarm bands is an "alarm system" that is worn directly on the wrist. Once you feel threatened, you can press the alarm button and you will hear a loud beep. This is intended to scare off potential attackers and draw people's attention to one another. But even seniors can use the bracelet if they can, for example, fall and no longer get up without help. Then, if you have previously informed your neighbors or family about the signal, the Alarmsbands can warn precisely that help is needed.

Optics and function of the alarm band

I opted for a black-and-white model, which is the most universal fit for clothing. There are also colourful bracelets, but for example I wouldn't put them on a business outfit, rather they fit into sports clothes. The bracelet is black and made of rubber, the top of the watch knows. Visually, the watch looks like a Smartwatch, that it is actually an alarm band, you can see at first sight and not from afar. It is simple but quite noble and I like it visually very well.

On the left side is the button to trigger the alarm. After firing, a 120 decibel signal sounds, which reminds me strongly of the warning signal of our fire alarms. Only once for comparison, 120 db (a) achieve, for example, launching jet planes or explosions. So please don't hold your ear unless it's an attacker's ear. The alarm is really extremely noisy!


The alarm can be created like any other clock. The bracelet feels very comfortable on the skin. The switch is also quite large and therefore very easy to use. The watch also has a very pleasant weight for me. I don't like to wear something too heavy on your wrist. But with 41g weight, the alarm band is not too heavy, if not an absolute fly weight. Weight and feeling of wearing are also convincing.


The clock is loud and noise is known to be the greatest enemy of an attacker. Held to the ear of the attacker, it can work more strongly. Here, however, be careful not that it is at the end still construed as bodily injury. I find the Alarmsbands very good after initial skepticism and will take it safely if I go alone in the forest where I have no cell phone reception or am alone in the evening. I hope they will never have to find out if they are actually fulfilling their purpose.

 For this product test I was allowed to test free alarm bands. You can find more information about the product here: click

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